8 tips from Japanese beauty magazines to make your facial cleansing a perfect ritual

Cleansing your face looks like a simple daily routine. Oftentimes we neglect the importance of this step and make a number of mistakes that cause a chain of skin health problems.
🇯🇵Here are 8 tips from Japanese beauty magazines to make your facial cleansing a perfect ritual🐳

🙌 Wash your hands: you don’t want to add more dirt and bacteria to your face. If you pump cleansing oil on to dirty hands oil is instantly mixed with all the dirt there.

🛀 Mind water temperature: hot water strips natural moisture away from the skin. Chronic lack of moisture is usually compensated with heavier creams that may not fit skin at all. Cold water does not let chemicals and extracts get activated. Skin is not cleansed well, and all the remains build up leading to clogged pores, inflammation, and dullness.

🚿 Rinse well: 10 times on average you need to rinse off all cleansing products. Even a tiny amount of surfactants left on the skin can damage epidermis and over dry skin. Remember to rinse well along hairline and jawline.

🔔 Don’t forget about U-zone: focus on the lower third of the face – chin, jawline, and neck. Often neglected is the area around ear lobe – the spot with lots of sebum. These zones are most frequent for adult acne instances.

🐰 Be gentle: after washing skin gets very sensitive. Don’t rub your face with a towel but pat it dry gently. If you can’t get rid of this habit, try using paper tissues for a while. Towel material matters - a blend of silk and cotton works best.

🧼 Lather the cleanser: lather your cleanser before applying it on the face. The frequent mistake is to lather the cleanser on the face which over dries skin.

🌧 Hydrate instantly: apply a hydrator during first three minutes after cleansing. A timely dose of hydration not only replenishes moisture but also prevents moisture loss by sealing it into the skin.

🧽 Remove sunscreen properly: foaming cleanser alone cannot destroy protective film from sunscreen. Use cleansing oil to remove it completely. Otherwise, the remains accumulate in the pores and trigger inflammation.

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