How to feed thirsty skin?

First skincare products with hyaluronic acid appeared on the retail shelves in 1980s. How did humanity manage to survive without it before? Well, our skin is able hydrate itself. Its horny layer (a layer of dead skin cells) draws moisture and hydro-lipid mantel keeps it. Together they comprise skin barrier.

If skin barrier is weak or damaged skin becomes dehydrated and inflammations are more frequent. Most common reasons for weak skin barrier are UV damage and wrong skincare routine.

🇯🇵 Japanese approach to hydration is based on strengthening of skin barrier by providing the barrier with ingredients it lacks. The Japanese distinguish between ingredients that supply skin with moisture💧and that lock moisture🗝. Therefore, skin hydration is done in two steps. They also use two types of skincare products, a lotion for the first step and a cream for the second.

Water-soluble ingredients draw moisture (humectants):
🐠 glycerine
🐠 amino acids
🐠 collagen
🐠 elastin
🐠 hyaluronic acid
🐠 proteoglycans

Fat-soluble ones keep moisture (emollients):
🔒fatty acids
🔒vegetable oils

☝🏻Check your skincare for both types of ingredients. If you use only humectants the effect is short because moisture evaporates. If only oil-soluble ingredients are used skin gets dry because there is not enough moisture under the film created by emollients. 💧➕🗝

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