Japanese multi-layer system

Japanese skincare philosophy🇯🇵 is based on respect and appreciation of skin natural barrier and its microbiome. Step by step or layer by layer, J-skincare fits into skin but does not disturb it. Even facial cleansing in Japan is a gentle two-step process. See our post dedicated to double-cleansing here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaR65F2MVuI/

The famous Japanese multi-layer system is getting more elaborate. It is often compared with a layered cake.
We start however with a basic minimum for a pm care.

❇️Step 1. De-stress and prepare

Lotion effect: moisture and softness💦

Japanese lotion is a water-like substance usually applied with hands. J-lotions have various add-on benefits, but their most important function is to soften the outermost layer of the epidermis to prepare skin for penetration of active ingredients and supplying skin with moisture.

❇️Step 2. Improve and prevent

Serum effect: intensive care💉

After lotion the skin is ready for a serum – a product with highest concentration of active ingredients. Active ingredients get onto soft and moist skin, spread easily, and get deep inside the skin.⚡Serum usually has very little lipids in its formulation. If serum is not covered with a lipid based cream the former will dry and active ingredients will not be able to do their job.

❇️Step 3. Nourish and lock moisture

Cream effect: prolongation of serum effects and protection from outside aggressors🗝

Cream acts like a blanket. Now that your skin is cleansed, moisturized, softened, and enjoys beautifying effects from serum it is very important to maintain this condition. Cream locks all the previous layers and does not let moisture escape or active ingredients dry. Cream blends with serum, nourishes skin and fills deeper wrinkles.

Each step is crucial.☝🏻 Serum will not work well without lotion and effects from lotion and serum are temporary if these two layers are not protected by a layer of cream. Finally, a❗️cream alone will not make any material changes to your skin because without help it remains only on the skin surface.


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