MENARD Embellir Washing
MENARD Embellir Washing
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MENARD Embellir Washing

  • Deluxe pampering foam for fatigued and aging skin
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Pamper your skin with luxurious cleansing ritual from an elite Japanese brand. Embellir is the most expensive skincare line by Menard. Only the best and              most expensive ingredients are used in this line.  

The key ingredients of Embellir line are the extracts of red and black reishi mushrooms. Reishi is called the "mushroom of immortality".

Its skin beautifying effects are incredible. Used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer treatment in Asia, reishi is a powerful immunity booter and an antioxidant. Reishi is also high in polysaccharides – they hydrate skin and strengthen its protective barrier.

This washing foam leaves the skin deeply cleansed and heavenly smooth and soft. You will be surprised how well the skin absorbs the treatments you apply afterwards.

Best for dull and tired skin and/or aging skin with clogged pores, rough texture and flaking. 

Active ingredients:

The extracts of red and black reishi mushrooms

Red reishi extract: boosts cellular immunity, energises skin cells, helps cells recover from UV induced and other types of damage, hydrates skin

Black reishi extract: removes toxins from skin cells, soothes the skin, retains moisture and improves barrier function, accelerates regeneration

How to use:

This washing foam is best for a PM ritual. Take about 2 soybean grains of the cleanser on the palm, lather them well with lukewarm water, and massage the face gently without rubbing it or using strong pressure. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.


Brand: Menard

Made in Japan