OBAGI C25 Serum Neo
OBAGI C25 Serum Neo
OBAGI C25 Serum Neo
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OBAGI C25 Serum Neo

  • 25% Vitamin C concentrate for skin radiance, firmness, and density
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25 NEO Serum is the latest and most advanced vitamin C product by Obagi. The serum contains 25% of pure AND stable vitamin C. This means that all 25% will be delivered to your skin for an anti-aging boost, brightening effect and fundamental improvement of the skin texture.

Created by scientists especially for the skin with the visible signs of aging.

Ascorbic acid, the main ingredient in this serum is an officially approved anti-pigmentation ingredient in Japan. Not only it suppresses the production of new melanin, but also it makes existing melanin lighter.

Obagi was born from dermatological research of Rohto Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharma company established in 1899. Obagi products are based on scientific research and developed with knowledge and experience of Rohto.

Key features:

  • 5 anti-aging effects for mature skin: improves firmness, reduces fine lines, fights dullness, enhances texture and tightens pores.
  • Advanced formulation: ultra-high concentration of pure AND stable vitamin C

Why we like it:

  • Rich anti-aging formula: vitamin C in the highest concentration, copper peptide and white pearl extract
  • 2-in-1, anti-pigmentation and anti-aging treatment
  • Does not dry out the skin, no feeling of skin tightness after application
  • Fast absorbing formula


Be aware of the high concentration of vitamin C in this product if you have a sensitive skin type. It is always safer to start with a lower concentration if you are new to vitamin C.

Active ingredients:

  • Water-soluble pure vitamin C 25%: anti-aging and anti-pigment effects
  • Oil-soluble vitamin E: reduces oxidative stress
  • White pearl extract: anti-aging, moisturizing, brightening effects
  • Copper peptide: promotes collagen production and repairs skin
  • Artichoke leaf extract tightens pores
  • Serine: moisturizing amino-acid
  • Yeast extract, Centella Asiatica: soothing effect and repairs skin
  • Grapefruit extract, devil's claw extract: anti-inflammatory and tone-up effects

How to use:

Use it every morning and/or evening after washing your face and conditioning your skin with a lotion. Take 4-5 drops of the serum and apply them with your fingertips all over the face excluding the area around the eyes.


Brand: Obagi

Made in Japan