COCOCHI Essence Cream Mask
COCOCHI Essence Cream Mask
COCOCHI Essence Cream Mask
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COCOCHI Essence Cream Mask

  • Relaxing anti-aging mask
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It is the case when both, packaging and contents are equally wonderful.

The mask in the golden jar is created to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Use it for a stressed, tired skin that needs an extra care.

A blend of silk proteins, squalene, and rice bran oil hydrates skin; the peptide complex relaxes muscles making face look rested and stimulates production of new un-glycated collagen. The proprietary anti-glycation complex Orimos™ fights glycation to restore skin’s natural glow.

All three Cocochi masks are created to fight dull and unhealthy skin tone. The brand distinguishes between yellowish dullness and a grayish one. The major causes for unhealthy complexion are excess keratin (grayish dullness) and glycation (yellowish dullness). To fight glycation CocochiCosme uses Orimos™, their proprietary botanical complex.

In short, glycation is a process when excess sugar in the skin attaches to collagen and elastin.  Sugar makes them rigid and brittle leading to their destruction. Glycated proteins have yellow-brown colour and their accumulation makes skin tone yellowish. Skin suffering from glycation is dull, lacks elasticity and has deep wrinkles.

Why we like it:

The Japanese know that deep penetration of active ingredients is the key to success. It does not matter what active ingredients are there in the mask, skin will hardly get any of them if epidermis (skin surface) is not prepared.

CocochiCosme has developed an absolutely new approach to a rinse-off face mask: the jar consists of two compartments, one of them is a prep cream and the other is a mask. Even though the cream also has a lot of active ingredients it is formulated in a way that it hydrates and softens epidermis preparing it for the mask.

Active ingredients:

Hydrating and softening ingredients:

silk, hyaluronic acid, fermented rice, sea buckthorn, aloe vera and arginine

Anti-aging ingredients:

fullerene (anti-oxidant), peptides, apple stem cell extract, sakura extract

Proprietary anti-glycation complex Orimos™:

rosemary, tea leaf, tencha (matcha tea is made from tencha) and loquat leaf extracts

How to use:

Step 1: cream

After washing your face open the upper compartment and apply the cream (size of 2 pearls). Massage gently, avoid eye area.

Step 2: mask

Open the lower compartment and apply the mask (size of 1 cherry). Avoid eye area.

Step 3: keep for 10-20 minutes, then wipe off and rinse off with lukewarm water. Proceed with your skincare regimen.


Brand: CocochiCosme

Made in Japan

cream: 20g;  mask: 90g