OBAGI C10 Serum
OBAGI C10 Serum
OBAGI C10 Serum
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OBAGI C10 Serum

  • Best Vitamin C formula ever
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The beauty market is flooded with vitamin C serums. But not every vitamin C formula is the same. Oftentimes vitamin C concentrates irritate the skin and cause more problems than they bring benefits.

The secret of the famous Obagi serum, one of the most popular vitamin C serums in Japan, is in its efficacy, which does not come at the expense of comfort.

Obagi was born from dermatological research of Rohto Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharma company established in 1899. Obagi products are based on scientific research and developed with knowledge and experience of Rohto.

Key features:

  • Ascorbic acid, the main ingredient in this serum is an officially approved anti-pigmentation ingredient in Japan. Not only it suppresses the production of new melanin, but also it makes existing melanin lighter.
  • Improves the three skin concerns: dullness, skin roughness and clogged and/or enlarges pores
  • Triple effect of the renewed formulation: high concentration, high penetration and ultra-stable "Pure Vitamin C"
  • Two-vitamin exceptionally comfortable formula: water-soluble pure vitamin C and oil-soluble vitamin E

Why we like it:

  • Does not dry out the skin, no feeling of tightness after application
  • Fast absorbing formula – does not make skin shiny
  • Does not clog pores


Not everyone tolerates vitamin C skincare well. If your skin is happy with vitamin C serum, don’t increase the recommended dosage per application but use it regularly. 

Active ingredients:

  • Water-soluble pure vitamin C: decreases hyper-pigmentation, tightens pores, increases the production of collagen 
  • Oil-soluble vitamin E: anti-oxidant and moisturiser
  • Artichoke leaf extract: tightens pores
  • Grapefruit extract: anti-inflammatory and tone-up effects
  • Centella Asiatica, Yeast extract: soothes and repairs skin
  • Salicornia europaea: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Serine: moisturizing amino-acid

How to use:

Use it every morning and/or evening after washing your face and conditioning your skin with a lotion. Take 3-4 drops of the serum on the palm and apply with your fingertips all over the face


Brand: OBAGI

Made in Japan