POLA B.A Cream
POLA B.A Cream
POLA B.A Cream
POLA B.A Cream
POLA B.A Cream
POLA B.A Cream

POLA B.A Cream

  • Science & luxury total anti-aging care
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It would be incorrect to call it just a face cream. This is a multi-dimensional anti-aging treatment that tackles key aging factors and restores skin inside and out.

A blend of science and luxury, this treatment is perfect from head to toe - unique active ingredients with science backed performance, melting texture that nourishes skin without leaving a greasy feeling, soothing and relaxing scent and a-piece-of-art packaging.

Pola is one of the most technologically and scientifically advanced cosmetics companies in Japan and the world. In 1982 POLA was the first in the world to use hyaluronic acid in cosmetics.

B.A line by POLA is its flagship anti-aging line that uses most innovative and expensive ingredients. B.A stands for Bio Active Theory. This line has a dedicated research center, B.A Research center opened in 2015.

In Japan POLA needs no introduction. For Japanese consumers POLA is the embodiment of exceptional quality and luxury. 

For whom:

  • Dry and very dry skin
  • Dull and fatigued skin
  • Deep wrinkles and fine lines
  • Rough skin texture

Anti-aging effects:

  • Restored moisture balance
  • Soft skin texture
  • Bright and unified complexion
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Firmer skin

Active ingredients:

*Proprietary ingredients developed exclusively by Pola Research Center:

Anti-glycation: *YAC extract, *EG clear extract

Firmness: *Sennin rosma, *Golden LP, *BA core liquid, Akebia extract 

Anti-inflammatory: Purple gromwell, Carrot root extract

How to use:

Use it mainly for the night care.

After conditioning the skin with a lotion, take an appropriate amount (about the size of a pearl), place it on the five points (forehead, both cheeks, nose, chin), and apply it gently from the inside to the outside.

Can be used for around the eyes area and as a lip care.


Patting technique is recommended for applying this cream


Brand: Pola

Made in Japan