POLA B.A Light Selector
POLA B.A Light Selector
POLA B.A Light Selector
POLA B.A Light Selector
POLA B.A Light Selector

POLA B.A Light Selector

  • Innovative anti-aging sunscreen for a daily use
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SPF 50; PA ++++

Protection from: UVA, UVB, Near-infrared light, pollution PM2.5

Type of filters: chemical & physical


Embrace the sun! Don’t deprive your skin from the sunshine. Select the light wisely using Pola B.A. Light Selector. From the sun we get good and bad lights. Red light has multiple benefits for our skin while UV and near-infrared rays damage it. New sunscreen by Pola allows skin-friendly red light to penetrate the skin while protecting it from UV and near-infrared rays.

Remember that for a healthy skin and a youthful look sunscreen must be applied daily irrespective of the season. The BA Light Selector also functions as a comprehensive anti-aging cream and you can safely skip one step in your skincare regimen. Something between gel and cream, its texture is spreading easily over the face bringing comfort and elasticity to the skin.

Luxury anti-aging ingredients make this cream a perfect solution for the daytime care for aging skin.

Pola is one of the most technologically and scientifically advanced cosmetics companies in Japan and the world. In 1982 POLA was the first in the world to use hyaluronic acid in cosmetics.

B.A line by POLA is its flagship anti-aging line that uses most innovative and expensive ingredients. B.A stands for Bio Active Theory. This line has a dedicated research center, B.A Research center opened in 2015.

In Japan POLA needs no introduction. For Japanese consumers POLA is the embodiment of exceptional quality and luxury.

Why we like it:

You will never think it is a sunscreen

  • 2-in-1, sunscreen and anti-aging day cream
  • No white cast
  • Not heavy or sticky
  • Goes well with makeup
  • Lasts long without drying skin
  • Does not irritate eyes. Yes, you can use in around the eyes
  • Does not clog pores
  • Skin looks fresh even after a long wear
  • Keeps skin hydrated all day

Active ingredients:

Proprietary ingredients developed exclusively by Pola Research Center:

Anti-glycation: YAC extract, EG clear extract

Firmness: BA core liquid, Golden LP, ADD light extract

How to use:

After conditioning skin with lotion and application of other products from your regimen, take about 1 large pearl of the cream and apply it on the 5 points on the face as shown on the picture.

Always remember to remove sunscreen with a cleansing oil.


Brand: Pola

Made in Japan